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Shackleton's Way of Leading through Challenges

Hurley and Shackleton outside their tent at Ocean Camp.

NOTE: Hurley's journal entry on November 9, 1915 captures one of Shackleton's great leadership skills. Hurley had a painful job to do - sorting through the negatives of his photographs and deciding which to keep and which to destroy. To be supportive at a challenging time, Shackleton kept Hurley company throughout.

This photograph of Hurley and Shackleton sitting outside their tent at Ocean Camp captures for us a beautiful image of Shackleton's one-on-one strategy of leading his team through challenges.

Hurley's Journal - November 9, 1915

Beautiful sunshiny day. A continuance of S.E. winds has been responsible for an additional ten miles Northward drift since yesterday.

At midnight, the temperature fell to zero; at noon to-day it rose to +7, though in the sun it is pleasantly warm. The temperature in our tent at noon was +38.1.

During the day, the sailors erected a lookout tower about 20 feet high, from ship's spars. From the summit, one has a commanding view of the surrounding country, and is enabled to study the ice conditions and locate seals. The teams go out seal foraging, and McIlroy returns with three Emperor penguins. Wild brings in a load of blubber from Dump Camp.

I spend the day with Sir Ernest, selecting the finest of my negatives from the year's collection. 120 I resoldered up and dumped about 400. This unfortunate reduction is essential, as a drastic cutting down in weight must be effected, owing to the very limited space that will be at disposal in boat transport.

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