Why Shackleton?

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  • How often do you find a group completely isolated from the rest of the world for almost two years?


  • What are the chances that every member of the group survives the grueling ordeal in the harshest climate on earth?


  • What are the chances that first-person accounts are kept throughout the ordeal documenting the leader’s strategies?


  • Trapped on an ice-floe, with no hope of rescue, a crew-member wrote in his journal of Shackleton, “No matter what turns up, he is always ready to alter his plans and make fresh ones, and in the meantime laughs, jokes, and … keeps everyone’s spirits up.”


  • Back in civilization, this team considered their boss “the greatest leader on God’s earth, bar none.”


  • Sixty years after the expedition, an American asked one of the last surviving members of the expedition how they had survived. He answered in one word, “Shackleton.”


  • Bonus: Against all odds, photographs and film survive from the ordeal.