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Why Shackleton?

  • Shackleton's crew was isolated from the world for almost two years.


  • Everyone survived the harrowing ordeal - months of polar darkness, stranded on ice-floes, killer whales, shortages of food and water.


  • First-person accounts document Shackleton's leadership strategies.


  • 100s of miles from land, on an ice-floe, with no hope of rescue, a crew-member wrote about Shackleton, “No matter what turns up, he is always ready to alter his plans and make fresh ones, and in the meantime laughs, jokes, and … keeps everyone’s spirits up.”


  • Back in civilization, this team regarded their boss as “the greatest leader on God’s earth, bar none.”


  • Sixty years later, one of the last living members of the expedition was asked how they had survived. He answered in one word, “Shackleton.”


  • Bonus: Professional photographs and film document the expedition.

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