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Keeping Up Morale on the Ice...

Shackleton aboard Quest

Scrolling through photographer Frank Hurley's journal, this entry caught my eye...

March 21, 1916

(For new hat price 1 guinea.) (Win hat Johnson, 38, Bond Street, Hatter.)

Sir E. 145, 230, 130, 155, 200, 160 = 1020

J.F.H. 185, 180, 160, 150, 225, 160 = 1040

... Played Sir E. for a new hat and won.

To amuse themselves on the floe, Shackleton and tentmate Frank Hurley played cards every afternoon. In mid-March, they decided to make the games more exciting by playing for dinner, theater tickets, handkerchiefs, canes, or, on this date, a hat from premier London hatter, Herbert Johnson.

Perhaps Shackleton is wearing a Johnson hat in the photo above. Next time you're in London, you may want to stop by Herbert Johnson to pick up an Indiana Jones style fedora.

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