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Elvis - The Legend

In 1969, I heard Suspicious Minds on the car radio for the first time and was dazzled by Elvis Presley's amazing talent. All I could think and say was, "Wow."


In 2014, I had the opportunity to visit Graceland, Sun Records, Tupelo, MS, and Studio B in Nashville. I loved every minute of those fabulous tours. If you get to Graceland, plan to spend the whole day.

Along the way, I picked up Elaine Dundy's beautifully researched biography, Elvis and Gladys.


In the early '80s, Ms. Dundy plunked herself down in Tupelo  and talked to everyone who had known Elvis and his family. I can't recommend this fascinating book highly enough.

In this photo-essay, we'll take a look at the forces that shaped Elvis Presley and at the high price he paid for fame and fortune.

I hope you enjoy this photo-essay on Elvis as much as I enjoyed creating it. 

Click on the image for the photo-essay.
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