Lead Like a Legend

What do the New England Patriots, NASA rocket scientists, and the Wall Street Journal have in common? They've all used legendary explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton as a model of leadership and inspiration.

At its simplest lever, Shackleton's story is about a crew of 28 shipwrecked in Antarctica. But it's really about more than that. It's about how to get the best from your team. How to motivate yourself and others. How to achieve your goals. How to win your Super Bowl.

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Shackleton served as an apprentice for four difficult years in the merchant navy but during that time, he learned lessons that he put into action and served him well for the rest of his life. From Sha

Lead Like a Legend...

"Ultimately, his authority as a leader rested on his genuine regard and respect for the men he led." Shackleton's Way Who wouldn't want for a leader like that? A leader who always had the best interes

Developing Leadership Skills

Do your part to help create an upbeat environment at work. A positive and cheerful workplace is important to productivity. #Leadership #LeadingByExample #CommunicatingEffectively #KeepingUpMorale #Mai