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Reagan's Journey
Lessons from a Remarkable Career

Lowell Park, Dixon, IL - where Reagan had a life-changing conversation with his mentor in the summer of 1932.

Reagan's Journey

Reagan's early life was a roller-coaster of new towns, new homes and new schools. His father was an alcoholic who had trouble holding on to a job. So Reagan was forced to look outside his family for role models and mentors. He found them in books, at school, at church and at work. 

Thanks to a conversation with a mentor, within months of graduating from college at the bottom of the Depression, Reagan was on the path to spectacular success in his dream career.

Click on the image of Reagan to learn how he achieved this amazing feat. More importantly, learn how you can do the same.

Based on Reagan's Journey - Lessons from a Remarkable Career. The print edition includes pages to help you think through your career and life goals.

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