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"A teeming blizzard"

Interesting that the others don't even bother to mention that there's a blizzard going on.

Orde-Lees Journal

Saturday, 25 March, 1916

A teeming blizzard with strong S. wind and about the most extraordinary contrast to yesterday imaginable.

Yesterday was so warm that we sat outside in the open to partake of our frugal luncheon of one biscuit and a quarter share of a 1 lb. tin of curried rabbit and six lumps of sugar.  We were even able to thaw out water from snow in the sun.  It was the most delightful day we have had for months.  We seized the opportunity to dry the whole of our tent gear much of which was wet or rather caked with frozen moisture.  A blanket in this condition resembles a board; until it is thawed out, it can be held out as stiff as a piece of sheet iron.  Today the drift is so dense one can scarcely see one's hand.  The temperature is 10 degrees but the draught in the tents makes it so cold that we spend all day long in our sleeping bags reading.

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