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"The scene was highly amusing..."

Despite the enormous challenges they are faced with, the extraordinary team are making the best of things. #Leadership #Shackleton

Hurley's Journal, November 4, 1915

The salvage party broke through the deck shortly after 11 a.m. The opening was followed by an outrush of walnuts, onions and numerous small buoyant articles. By fishing with boathooks, case after case was directed to the opening from which they emerged buoyantly to the surface. The scene was highly amusing, and reminded me of the juvenile game of fishpond. If one of the fishers brought to light a case of high food value, a great cheer arose. I was just in time to see a keg of soda carbonate greeted with groans. So, in proportion to the relative values of the salved cases, so was their appearance greeted with suitable exclamations. The party worked at high pressure all day, taking advantage of the restful state of the ice. By evening, practically all the cases were fished from the Billabong, making aggregate of three tons of stores.

All the flour was retrieved, as well as a large percentage of the sugar - the two commodities we were mostly in need of. The teams were busy transporting the ice covered cases to the camp all day; each team averaging five loads and loaded to 120 lbs. per dog.

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