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The Burden of Leadership

Worsley's Journal - November 7, 1915

Everyone is happy and contented and hopeful, if not confident, of the future.  Speaking for myself while looking ahead and planning to meet all possible dangers I do not worry about those dangers, which will probably be very great but live comfortably and happy in the present, and can truly say that at present I am enjoying myself far more than I would in civilization.  Someone has said, that man when warm and fed is happy.  I quite agree and if you can add health and freedom from worry than his happiness is perfect. 

Responsibility is a heavy weight but Sir E. on whom practically the whole of it falls carries it splendidly.  No man could carry it better under any conditions.

NOTE: In this journal entry, we see that Worsley had such complete in Shackleton's leadership that he didn't have to worry about anything. Orde-Lees and Macklin made similar comments in their journals.

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