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Shackleton's Way - Leading thru a Crisis

Worsley's Journal, November 23, 1915

The blasting of our Leader’s hopes and plans – at all events for this year – must be bitterly hard on him, but he, as ever, bears up wonderfully against misfortune and comes, almost blithely, thro’ any adversity.  No matter what turns up, he is always ready to alter his plans and make fresh ones, and in the meantime laughs, jokes, and enjoys a joke with anyone, and in this way keeps everyone’s spirits up.  Not that we need cheering up – all are, almost without exception, hopeful.  Most of us are optimists – I am for one – and I don’t think we have a genuine pessimist amongst us.  Certainly a good deal of our cheerfulness is due to the order and routine which Sir E. establishes wherever he settles down.  The regular daily task and matter of fact groove into which everything settles inspires confidence in itself and the Leader’s state of mind is naturally reflected in the whole party.

NOTE: Once again, we see Shackleton's leadership style summed up in one magnificent statement.

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