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Rock Solid Faith

In late August 1916, the group on Elephant Island had little hope of rescue - Shackleton had been gone for over four months - and their food supply was rapidly diminishing.

Orde-Lees comments in his journal that he was frequently reprimanded for being a "pessimist." He constantly worried.

In this journal entry, we see the contrast between the optimist and the perpetually gloomy pessimist. In fact, the next day, the Lord provided for them spectacularly. All Orde-Lees' worrying, throughout their ordeal, had been for nothing.

Orde-Lees's Journal, 29 August, 1916

Although the sea was so free from ice no penguins condescended to come up and, as we have now only five days food left, this is a little disappointing but no doubt they will oblige tomorrow, or rather, "The Lord will provide", as we say. "You surely don't think that the Almighty is going to let us starve" says Wild. Well we hope not, but must avoid being too presumptuous.


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