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Lead Like a Legend

In this journal entry, Orde-Lees notes that Shackleton maintains a positive attitude in dire circumstances and his attitude affects, and transfer to, the entire crew.

Orde-Lees' Journal

Friday, 8 January, 1915

Sir Ernest is deserving of all praise.

The man who should feel the greatest anxiety about our reaching our base exhibits by far the least and but for his cheery optimism we should all be despondently irritable.

There is no doubt that it is far harder than anyone had expected but the most I have ever heard him say is, "I do hope we shall get through all right, I feel sure we shall but it's going to be a hard fight." That he means to win was obvious from his tone though he did not boast that he would do so, but knowing him as we do, we know that it will not be his fault if he is beaten. We all have such implicit confidence in his skill and experience that no one ever doubts for a moment that he will put up a better fight than anyone else possibly could.

So much depends on it for him - he has his obligations to his patrons to fulfill, his own livelihood and reputation at stake.

I doubt whether it would be possible to make a renewed attempt next year for financial reasons.

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