Keeping Up Morale in 24 hours of darkness

In this journal entry, we catch a glimpse of the extraordinary job Shackleton has done of keeping up the morale of his team and maintaining a positive despite 24 hours of darkness that lasts from early May to early August

Thomas Orde-Lees journal entry, June 5, 1915

"...One would have thought that one could always see what was immediately beneath one's feet, but one cannot. When it is dark the Antarctic night can be deadly dark; but this does not depress us much, as we all seem to keep in excellent spirits in spite of the gloom. One hears no end of hearty laughter and some member is always playing jokes on another.

Sir Ernest is an inveterate joker. His jokes are always kindly and in good taste and he can tell amusing yarns to perfection. Things might be very different with a less cheery leader."

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