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Getting the Best from Your Team

When Stephanie and I were working on Shackleton's Way, Stephanie would often muse about "whether Chapter 4 is my favorite or Chapter 5." Well, this riff from early in Chapter 4 is hard to beat...

Shackleton's Way:

Ultimately, Shackleton won the crew's unwavering loyalty with his extraordinary ability to communicate and connect personally. His contact with his men was constant, friendly, instructive, and often fun. "He led mentally and physically and gave a sense to the individual that he, the individual, was a most important part of the whole show," wrote G. Vibert Douglas, Quest geologist. "I'd say Shackleton was very generous in his acknowledgement of his men. There was a warmth about him."

#CommunicatingEffectively #KeepingUpMorale #Shackleton #Leadership

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