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Frank Worsley

Here's a page from Orde-Lees' journal. He wrote profiles of just about every member of the expedition. This is his profile of Endurance captain Frank Worsley.

Sunday, 11 July, 1915

Temperature -23.

Another beautiful clear day though not nearly so light as yesterday. There was much pressure going on so Captain Worsley & I went over to watch it.

I have often mentioned Captain Worsley, our skipper. He is a vital spark. His activity & keenness are extraordinary. In accidentally wintering here he is achieving a lifelong ambition. I am sure he must be invaluable as a helpmeet to Sir Ernest. A New Zealander by birth he is of Yorkshire extraction. About 44 years of age he looks ever so much younger & is far more nimble than most men half his age.

Although some fellows are a little inclined to chaff him rather uncharitably about his little whims, his excess of zeal & his over anxiety to make sensational discoveries, yet there is no doubt that everyone recognizes his undoubted suitability for the post he holds. Personally I have always found him a sound counsellor & firm friend and I have great respect for him, but it must be admitted that some of our members are experiencing submission to discipline for the first time and do not perhaps realize its advantages quite so easily as those of us who have spent a good many years in H.M. service.

The skipper's principle whims were his eagerness to announce at every port at which we touched on the way out that this was, "Sir Ernest Shackleton's flag ship Endurance bound for the Antarctic on a voyage of discovery", and his persistence in declaring that the cabins etc. on board are so stuffy that he had to sleep outside in the passages, which is what he actually does; but he is very much "all there" in spite of these quaint little peculiarities, and after all who had not their own idiosyncrasies when one comes to examine oneself: it may only be the hoarding of string & paper or leaving the plums in ones cake to be eaten last, but we all do some queer little things peculiarly our own.

Breakfast - Bacon, porridge.

Luncheon - Lusty's Bouillon, cheddar cheese.

Dinner - Roast fresh pork, mashed fresh potatoes, pears & cream.

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