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"Everyone kept their heads splendidly."

As the Endurance crew abandoned ship on October 27, 1915, Orde-Lees notes Shackleton's leadership - leading by example and communicating effectively.


About 4 p.m. came the beginning of the end.

We all felt at once that the crash she received was beyond her power of resistance, and it was so.

She was rising first by the bows then by the stern. Crash followed crash as she vibrated to & fro amidst the embracing ice.

Everyone kept their heads splendidly. Sir Ernest's grand example inspired us all with a confidence in our leader, in a moment such as this, that caused us to look to him for direction in all we did and to work in unison implicitly obeying his orders. For most of the time he stood on the upper deck holding on to the rigging, smoking a cigarette with a serious but somewhat unconcerned air.

To each of us, as occasion offered, he said a word or two of encouragement, such as "Don't forget to take such & such a thing with you if we have to leave the ship." To me, "Mind you put your old diary in my bag as it as been kept rather more regularly than mine, I believe."

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