"Day of Wonders"

August 30, 1916, Frank Hurley's Journal

Day of Wonders

... I called Marston's attention to a curious piece of ice on the horizon which bore a striking resemblance to a ship. Whilst we were so engaged a ship rounded the Gnomon Island. We immediately called out Ship O' which was instantly followed by a general exodus of cheering - (semi-hysterical) of the inmates. The hoosh was left to burn and the meal forgotten. A beacon was kindled and attention attracted to which the vessel signalled response. She came within safe distance and lowered a boat. On coming along side we recognised the Boss and heartily thanked God for his safety. All gear was hurriedly rowed to the vessel in just under the hour (1 p.m. to 2 p.m.). (The Yelcho under command Captain Pardo.) We subsequently learned that this was the fourth attempt made to effect our rescue. Had a musical evening and heard all the news of the war of the world etc. etc. on board.


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