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A Bigger Sandbox

As you see, we've expanded Shackleton's Way to share stories of other great people who have used their gifts.

In 2014, I had the opportunity to explore America - 30 states in 4 months - and I look forward to sharing lots and lots of wonderful stories with you.

The photo-essay on Paul the Apostle was triggered by a question someone asked in a Bible study in 2016. The question was how old was Paul when he died. I couldn't believe I didn't know the answer to that simple question. I began researching the life of the great Apostle. In the 1st century, Paul accomplished the equivalent of inventing the internet. He shared Christ's gospel - love God and love one another - throughout the world. How on earth did he do that? I wanted to know more.

After years of dithering, I began the photo-essay on Paul the Apostle in the fall of 2021 by transcribing the Book of Acts and all of Paul's letters to learn as much as possible about who he was and how his life and thinking developed. The second part of Paul's story will focus on his journeys.

We're fortunate that Paul was a favorite subject of Rembrandt's.

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