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"the greater becomes my admiration"

Thomas Orde-Lees

Orde-Lees began his journal as an extended letter to his wife and maintains the same chatty voice throughout the expedition. He comments extensively on Shackleton's leadership strategies and also profiles each member of the expedition.

Over the next few weeks, we'll take a look at these journal entries...

Orde-Lees Journal - 23 December, 1914

During the 24 hours ending noon today we had covered only 19 miles due to meeting with much heavy ice during the night.

Just as I closed my diary last night it took us an hour and a half to go about 20 yds. through an ice isthmus formed by the pressing together of the corners of two huge floes. How we get along at all in such a little ship is a marvel.

This morning we were up against a huge floe, probably ten square miles in extent and yet Sir Ernest found a way.

He is indefatigable, up all day and night on the bridge and in the crow's nest and yet always the most cheerful amongst us and finding time for a game of Bridge or Patience, of both of which he is very fond, and also able to spare the time to attend to the hundred and over little details of each of our respective departments.

The more I know him the greater becomes my admiration for his ability as a leader. Although he is expert at nothing in particular, he is easily master of everything.

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