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Re-reading Shackleton's Way | Introduction (2)

It's a tale so amazing you'll wonder why the Endurance saga hasn't become a part of every school-age child's reading.

Since the publication of Shackleton's Way, there have been a number of children's book written about Shackleton's Endurance expedition.

When Alfred Lansing's masterpiece, Endurance, was published in the 1950s; it was also issued in a YA edition. Every now and then, I meet a fellow Boomer who says, 'I read a book about Shackleton when I was 13. I've never forgotten it.'

That's because the story is a parable - a "simple story used to illustrate a moral lesson." There are lots of lessons to be gleaned from Shackleton's Endurance expedition. That's why I share with you the crew's insights on Shackleton's leadership strategies that, assembled together, formed a magnificent achievement.

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