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"It is Shackleton Time!"

I've just figured out how to read reviews of the German edition of Shackleton's Way.

A reviewer (see review below) makes an interesting point that "leaders are not graduates with summa cum laude degrees." They are people with real world experience and wisdom.

My favorite exercise with a group is to ask them to share an example of someone they know PERSONALLY who is a great leader and what it is about that person that you admire. People have the most amazing stories - a grandfather on his way to Yankee Stadium with a car full of kids; a guide leading kids through a sudden deluge on a trek through a canyon; an executive who quoted his Shackleton-style boss as saying, "The heart that gives is the heart that gathers."

What's your story? Who do you know PERSONALLY that is a great leader? What is it about that person that you admire? Please, please, please, do NOT share stories about Churchill or Lincoln or Robert E. Lee. Focus on the great leaders that you know personally. I'll send a signed copy of Shackleton's Way to the first person who responds and the person who has the best story.

Here's the review of the German edition courtesy of Amazon...

"Ultimately, leaders are not graduates with summa laude [degrees] but people with life experience and wisdom. It's an important point for me. You can get into leadership positions very young today, but that doesn't make you a real leader. Had Shackleton not been a fixture in our group and at Harvard, as I heard, I would never have come to this book. I read it through in one and returned to the key learnings. Now I understand why people say 'it is Shackleton Time!'"

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