Shackleton’s Way | Book Event

What do the New England Patriots, NASA, The Wall Street Journal, Verizon, and the US Navy have in common? They’ve all used legendary explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton as a leadership model to inspire and unite their entire team. Now your company and organization can adopt and implement Shackleton’s Way.

At its simplest level, Shackleton’s story is about 28 men shipwrecked in Antarctica. However, it’s much more than that. Shackleton’s Way is about unleashing and unifying a diverse team, communicating effectively with your crew in good times and bad, and always staying motivated and inspired during the most challenging and excruciating times. Achieving personal and business goals today requires and explorer’s mindset and temperament. With Margot Morrell’s newly updated and customizable program, now your entire company can lead themselves like Shackleton and his crew.

“Had a twist of history led Sir Ernest Shackleton to have been in business today, he surely would have found himself in the ranks of Jack Welch, Bill Gates, Lou Gerstner, and Michael Dell. Gladly for all of us, his enduring leadership lessons can be readily applied to help all of us realize our grandest aspirations.”
–– James M. Citrin, coauthor, Lessons from the Top, and managing director, Global Internet Practice, Spencer Stuart

The ultimate corporate, youth, diversity, ministry, or women’s leadership training program

Based on her international bestseller, The Shackleton’s Way Leadership Program is the perfect workshop, coaching program, and toolkit for our time. Our attractive leadership materials and online video portal allow you to facilitate tailored leadership programs for a day, a week, a month, or over the course of an entire year ––based on your company goals, strategies, and human resource timing.

Contact us to arrange a complimentary Shackleton’s Way Leadership Program overview and plan, prior to booking a leadership learning event.

If you are a corporate learning officer, executive VP, leadership coach, or a mentor to youth programs, each order of 150+ leadership learning kits can be tailored to your organization, mission, and purpose.

Chart Your Course – Leading for Success based on Shackleton’s Way

Whether leading a team over Antarctic ice-floes or through the challenges of the business world, you’ll find useful lessons in this program based on expedition journals kept onboard Endurance.  The program is designed for group discussion led by a trained facilitator.