About Sir Ernest Shackleton

Sir Ernest Shackleton has been called “the greatest leader that ever came on God’s earth, bar none” for saving the lives of twenty-seven men stranded with him on an Antarctic expedition. From 1914 to 1916, Ernest Shackleton and his men survived the wreck of their ship in the crushing Antarctic ice, stranded twelve hundred miles from civilization with no means of communication and no hope for rescue.

The temperatures were so low the men could hear water freeze. They subsisted on a diet of scarce wildlife, and when the ice began to break up, Shackleton set out to save them all on his historic eight-hundred-mile trip across the frigid South Atlantic –– in little more than than a rowboat. Unlike most other polar expeditions, every crewman survived not only in good health, but also in good spirits –– all due to the leadership skills, tactics, and decision-making of “The Boss” Sir Ernest Shackleton.


Shackleton’s Way

Scholar Margot Morrell’s Shackleton’s Way is a timeless book that enables leadership and decision-making skills to be learned by anyone of any generation. Today, Shackleton’s Way is still the rage, recently ranking at #6 on The Washington Post’s bestseller list in Washington. Margot Morrell’s Shackleton’s Way Leadership Program ($150/pp) is an intensive learning kit and workshop that instills universal leadership tactics set against the thrilling survival story of the Endurance expedition in Antarctica.

Whether it’s hiring great workers, supporting and inspiring employees to do their best, managing a crisis with limited personnel and resources, creating order out of chaos, or executive leading by example, the miraculous optimism, egalitarianism, humor, strength, ingenuity, intelligence, and compassion gained by studying Ernest Shackleton’s reveal examples of leadership that all people of any background, race, gender, or executive level can adopt and implement at once.

Illustrated with photographer Frank Hurley’s masterpieces and other rarely seen photos, Shackleton’s Way is filled with fascinating and practical lessons of a leader who succeeded by putting people first and triumphing brilliantly when all the odds were against him. Those who have taken Shackleton’s leadership lessons to heart include the secretary of the Navy, the commander of Apollo 13, and the founders of Fortune 500 companies.